Textures can be a really useful thing to incorporate into your work and can easily add life to a design. One of the most used types of texture is that of old paper, and luckily, we’ve compiled a list here so that it couldn’t be easier for you to quickly access them.

Super High-Definition Paper Texture Pack

I also made a premium paper texture pack with super high-resolution textures. It contains the following:

  • 10 different Ultra HD textures images (4096×4096 pixels)
  • TIFF format (more than 120MB each) 
  • 16 bits

Here are some overview of the SUPER HD pack:

That’s what’s inside the SUPER HD pack.

Here’s more info about the 50 different high-resolution resources included in this article, you won’t ever be short of textures again!

Whilst adding these images over your piece using blend modes is one way of adding textures to your work, you could also check out and download some of the texture brushes that are offered online. You can read our guide here that details how to download brushes for use in Photoshop if you want to do so.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for inspiration, you can have a look at our “50 Photoshop Editing Tutorials” article.

Download the full pack here plus +20 Bonus old paper background textures for free.

(70 high-resolution textures in total)

1: Ancient / Antique Empty Brown Canvas by Pixabay

2: Old Crumpled White Paper by icon0.com

3: 18 High-Resolution Free Paper Textures

4: Free Old Stained Paper Texture

5: Free Simple Old Paper Texture

6: Old Paper / Envelope Texture With Folded Corner

7: Wrinkled Old Paper With Blue Stain

8: Old Lined Paper With Crease Texture

9: Pale Old Paper With Holes

10: 6 Free Old Paper Textures – High Resolution

11: White Paper Texture

12: 20th Century Brown Vintage Paper With Ripped Edge

13: Vintage Paper Texture by Lost and Taken

14: Tan Vintage Paper Texture

15: Stained Old Paper Texture

16: Red Stained Vintage Paper Texture

17: Dark Stained Old Paper Texture

18: Grunge paper texture

19: Vintage Torn Paper Texture With Ripped Edges

20: Grunge Paper Strip Texture

21: Old Stained Paper Texture Background

22: Orange Retro Old Paper

23: Old Parchment Paper Texture

grungy old yellow brown vintage parchment paper texture

24: Old Crumpled Paper Texture

25: Old Envelope / Paper Background

26: Plain White Old Paper Texture

27: Yellow Stained Crinkled Paper Background

28: Tan Tea Stained Lined Paper

29: Antique Green Stained Paper Texture

30: Crumpled Brown Parchment Paper Free

31: Stained Old Parchment Paper With Ripped and Torn Edges

great background image of old parchment paper

32: Old Paper Sheet Torn

33: Lightly Stained Tan Paper Texture

34: Close-Up of White Paper Sheet With Subtle Tears

35: Dirty Grunge Old Paper Effect Texture

36: Old Coffee Stained Paper Background

37: Vintage Old Tan Paper Texture

38: Old Paper Wallpaper / Texture

39: Retro Old Paper Background

40: Old Dirty Parchment Paper Background

41: Scratchy Old Paper Texture

42: Old Yellow Worn-Out Paper

43: Crumpled Gray Paper Texture

44: Simple Old Paper Texture With Brown Mark

45: Old Paper Texture With Line Down Centre

46: Grungy Coffee Stained Old Paper Texture

47: Plain White Old Folded Paper Texture

48: Simple Parchment Paper Texture

49: Old Distressed Beige Paper

50: Old Paper Cut-out Background


And there you have it! A list of 50 great old paper images that can be used either as texture overlays or as backgrounds in your work.  

Didn’t manage to find one that suits you? Then take a look at this list by InspirationHut that lists 56 vintage paper textures for free download, or this list by PsdDude that lists some old paper textures that are free for both personal and commercial use.

And if you still can’t find the perfect texture for your piece of work, then why not try making your own? This video by HowToPs demonstrates how you can quickly create a realistic effect using just brushes, filters, and other tools in Photoshop!

Or if you’d rather make your ‘paper’ more stained, then follow along with this tutorial by Howard Pinsky to create an old stained paper texture from scratch.

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