22 Video Tutorials to Help You Learn Photoshop Step By Step

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In recent years, Adobe Photoshop has grown to become one of the most powerful image production platforms available on the market. It has an even wider ecosystem of apps and resources that are made available by Adobe to support it. In today’s day and age, if you’re a graphic designer, photographer, or any other type of visual artist, then chances are that Photoshop is going to be an important tool in your arsenal.

But how do you get started?

There is no denying that Photoshop has a bit of a learning curve involved. It is not strictly a straightforward program, and that is a good thing – the complexities of Photoshop afford it an unrivaled level of functionality that other platforms simply have not been able to match. However, because of its immense popularity around the globe, the amount of support offered by users, technicians, and Adobe itself is also unparalleled. Simply put, if you need to get started with Photoshop, there’s just no time like the present.

Therefore, I present to you 22 video tutorials on YouTube that will help you get started with photoshop in no time. They will gradually progress in difficulty, and by the end, you should have a solid grasp over Photoshop across a variety of applications.

So without further ado, let us get started!


Intro To Photoshop

The first and most important thing is to become acquainted with the software and the interface. Photoshop has a very large toolset and it can easily feel intimidating. However, these hand-picked tutorials will be just the right thing to help you jump in and you’ll know your way around Photoshop in little to no time.

Once you’ll be familiar enough with Photoshop, you’ll be able to create art and even sell it online and make money thanks to Photoshop. So be patient and consistent by practicing the more often you can and you’ll improve more quickly than you think. 

*Do you have Photoshop already or not?

You will need Photoshop to follow these tutorials. You can get it here

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1) Photoshop Tutorial for Complete Beginners by PiXimperfect

This hour-and-a-half long live stream by PiXimperfect is the ideal starting point for Photoshop beginners.

This video covers all the starting points of Photoshop, from importing files to talking about layers, adjustments, and tools. This might be the only Photoshop tutorial you ever need. PiXimperfect is one of the definitive channels on YouTube that talk about Photoshop and will feature in this article on multiple occasions.

2) Layers For Beginners by Pixel and Bracket

In this Photoshop CC tutorial, Pixel and Bracket talk about using layers and basic tools like the move tool, type tool, shape tools, and selection tool. This is an introductory lesson for beginners very heavily focused on layers, which are the most important concept within Photoshop. PS is a layer based editor, as opposed to a node based editor, and understanding. the logic behind layers is of the utmost importance.

3) Quick Start Guide – 10 Things Photoshop Beginners Want To Know by Photos In Color

In this Photoshop video tutorial, Ed Gregory shows you how to get started with Photoshop. This is a guide including the top 10 things beginners want to know how to do in Photoshop.

4) Interface Introduction to Adobe Photoshop by TastyTuts

In this video by TastyTuts, they take a look at the Adobe Photoshop interface. They show you around and introduce you to some of the things you need to be aware of while navigating Photoshop.

5) Basic Selections – Photoshop for Beginners by GFXMentor

In this neat little series, GFXMentor breaks down the fundamental operations within Photoshop. Even though it is not in English, their subtitles are pretty good and Imran Al Dina does a very good job of simplifying complex concepts into bite-sized chunks. His entire series on the topic is surely worth checking out.

6) 10 Hidden Photoshop Tricks by tutvid

Tutvid is a Photoshop artist and instructor with a wide library of content that is informative and touches upon a wide variety of topics. In this video, in particular, he talks about ten hidden tricks and features inside Photoshop that make your life easier and your work faster.

Effects, Tips and Tricks, and Interesting Projects

By now you will have a fair and decent idea of what Photoshop consists of and how to navigate around the interface. However, there is much else to learn, and what better way to learn than by actually putting knowledge into practice? In this section, you will find interesting little projects and tutorials where you can apply some of the things you learned in the previous one while gaining a larger understanding of commonly used tools and techniques within Photoshop. 

I highly recommend following along with these tutorials so as to not miss a step. Feel free to copy what the instructors are doing – once you’re able to understand what’s happening, you’ll be putting your own ideas together in no time.

7) Brush Effect Photo Manipulation by Asm Arif

In this easy little tutorial, Asm Arif takes you through the steps involved in creating a watercolor brush stroke image. It is a really simple effect, and the results will massively increase your confidence in Photoshop.

8) How To Fake Stuff In Your Photos by Peter McKinnon

Photo Blending is one of the most common techniques used inside Photoshop and is the basis for creating the surreal and other-worldly edits that one thinks of when they think of the software.

As a result, it is a key technique that is a must-know for any Photoshop artist.  In this simple tutorial, Peter McKinnon teaches just that as he takes you through the steps of creating a surreal image from source elements.

9) Photoshop Tutorial – Photo Manipulation | Water Splash In Bulb

By the time you have reached this tutorial, you would have a fair grasp over Photoshop and a basic overview of the tools it offers. This simple and effective tutorial gives a great platform to start using some easy Photoshop tools to create a striking effect as a photoshop artist.

10) How To Remove Anything From A Photo In Photoshop by PHLEARN

PHLEARN is one of the most prominent Photoshop channels on YouTube. Their extensive library of interesting projects and tricks is sure to turn anybody into a masterful Photoshop artist. In this video, they take you through the process of removing any objects from a photograph within Photoshop.

11) Double Exposure Tutorial by Webflippy

Double exposures are a classic photographic effect, although traditionally they can only be achieved through photochemical methods such as film photography.

However, in this tutorial Webflippy takes us through the steps involved in creating a convincing double.

12) Text Masking Effect in Photoshop by Photoshop Tutorials

This one goes out to all the graphic designers. Photoshop Tutorials brings us this innovative little effect tutorial on how to perform text masking within Photoshop to create a captivating typography effect. The tutorial uses cheeky language and is a fun watch overall.

The tutorial is easy, and the effect can be applied in many different situations to suit your particular needs to create a bold and eye-catching text-image combination.

13) Add Natural Background Light in Photoshop by PiXimperfect

Another gem of a video by PiXimperfect. In this video, Umesh Dinda shows how to add lights to the background of a plain image.

While this particular effect looks amazing, the theory behind it is extremely useful and once you have a grasp of what is being done with the image, the technique can open up a whole host of creative possibilities, from simple image editing to having the ability to completely relight an entire image.

14) Apply a Specific Color to Any Object by PiXimperfect

Continuing with the list on PiXimperfect videos, here we have another extremely useful technique. Umesh Dinda talks about how to change the color of objects within an image, and in a completely convincing manner.

The effect is…well, effective, and color changing is a must-have skill for any Photoshop artist.

15) Basic Skin Retouching for Beginners by Jessica Kobeisi

Skin retouching is an essential function of Photoshop, and it has been designed from the ground up to have the ability to be able to work with skin tones, so much that the plethora of features available to work with skin can be daunting.

In this tutorial, Jessica Kobeisi opens up the basics of skin retouching within Photoshop in an easy to understand format so that anybody can be retouching skin tones in portraits within no time.

16) High End Skin Retouching Using Frequency Separation by Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

As you continue with skin corrections, Blue Lightning TV Photoshop is another YouTube channel dedicated to Photoshop and related effects.

In this video, they talk about the industry standard method for retouching skin tones which is known as Frequency Separation. This is the method that you see on high-end ads inside magazines that feature models with perfect skin.

Once you have mastered the art of frequency separation, you are well on your way to becoming a pro Photoshop artist.

17) Blend Anything on Any Surface in Photoshop by PiXimperfect

PiXimperfect is back with an exciting tutorial on how to blend almost any graphic onto any other graphic within Photoshop. It is explained in Umesh’s trademark style that is easy to follow along and understand.

18) Two Powerful Cut-Out Techniques to Make Difficult Selection Easy by Photoshop Training Channel

When it comes to selecting objects within an image, items such as trees and hair are well known as the most challenging to work with., as they possess large amounts of fine detail that must be intricately cut out.

In this tutorial, however, Photoshop Training Channel shows two techniques to make this task slightly easier so that you end up with higher quality results in lesser time with lesser effort.

19) How To Create A Powerful Text Portrait by Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

Taking a small break from image manipulation techniques, here is an interesting graphic design effect by Blue Lightning TV Photoshop.

The image above is pretty self-explanatory about the effect, and the end result is a striking visual experience. Once you learn it, feel free to play around with the base image, color, and typeface to create wonderful combinations of your own.

20) Dispersion Effect in Photoshop by Photoshop Tutorials

While slightly cheesy, this dispersion effect is a staple of stock image websites and should not be dismissed.

Photoshop Tutorials brings us this tutorial which, even though is not narrated, comes with easy to follow along with subtitles. The effects itself is fairly simple even though it looks complicated, and you should be mastering it in no time.

21) Create Light Rays in 3 Simple Steps by PiXimperfect

PiXimperfect appears to have mastered the art of light manipulation within Photoshop, as Umesh brings us yet another tutorial. This one talks about how to create rays of light out of thin air.

The video deals with a highly specific example with a fixed set of variables, but as always, the video discusses the underlying technique, in conjunction with the other techniques Umesh teaches can be applied together to masterfully sculpt light within Photoshop.

22) Dual Lighting For Portraits by N.S.Creation

Continuing with the relighting effects within Photoshop, here’s a video by N.S.Creation about creating colored light within Photoshop.

As you can see from the video thumbnail, the effect is a striking one, although you must bear in mind that you need to start out with a well-lit image. Light reshaping is one of the most sought-after skills within Photoshop, and it can help differentiate you to your client in the sea of visual artists.


 How To Turn Photos Into Cartoons by Pixivu

In the final installment of this tutorial series, I bring you this unique tutorial from Pixivu. In this tutorial, Pixivu takes us through the process of manually “cartoonifying” an image inside Photoshop.

As this is the end of the article, this tutorial is a slightly complicated one that requires some time on the part of the user. However, the end result is of an extremely high quality that easily surpasses that of cheap effects found inside phone apps.


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