25 High Quality Stock Image Resources – For Free!

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There is no photoshop without photos. Stock images are the bread and butter of the graphic design and photoshop industries. Consequently, websites like Adobe Stock and Getty Images exist to provide users with the highest quality collections of stock photos on the images, and you can find their images almost everywhere on the internet. 

However, they cost a pretty penny – and they don’t have to. So here’s a list of the 25 best and most unique stock image websites that will suit every need.

Glass being filled with white wine

Stocksnap.io is one the most highly recommended free stock photo site on the internet, and looks and feels like a premium service with thousands of high quality images.

Girl smiling in a bed

Raw Pixel is an extremely high quality resource, not just for stock images but also for vector files and PSD mockups. They are primarily a paid site, but they have a free section that allows you to download up to 5 images a day. You will need to sign up to be able to do this.

Glass being filled with white wine

Plain and simple with no surprised: Free Food Photos is exactly what the name suggests. They have an interesting collection of food photos, from meals to ingredients and herb and spices. The photos are not as “shiny” as stock images typically are, but that just means there’s plenty of scope to work on them.

Street Photography Stock Image

Travel Coffee Book is a minimalist Tumblr blog of user-generated travel images from around the world. They all have a moody, wistful quality, and the blog is just beautiful to look at without needing to download anything. All images are CC0, so you can do whatever you want with them.

on the roof during sunset picture
Barn Images is a great resource. It is a simple website with images and a search bar. All images are free, and signing up is not required. It is perhaps THE free stock image site.
Famous Japanese Place

Pexels is another extremely high quality resource with premium images, gifs, and videos. A large portion of their content is community-generated. Whenever you download an image you are given the option to look up the original creator on Instagram.

Opened book with writing and flower

Magdeleine is a curated collection of free images from around the internet. All of the images are sorted by category, tags, usage rights, and even dominant color – so you can quickly find the right image for your project

Nice White House on a Mountain

Albumarium Is a collection of photo albums sorted by genre. It is a clean and fast website that will get you to what you want in no time.

Working man cutting metal

Deposit Photos is a unique website with over 80 million stock photos, videos, vectors, and editorial content – completely free.

Hotel big sign with blue sky

As the name suggests, Gratisography is a collection of free images. It’s not the largest collection on this list, but all the images have a characteristic ironic quality to them.


An independent website that provides curated collections of the best high-resolution CC0 photos and videos.

all the free stock banner

AllTheFreeStock.com is a curated list of free stock images, audio and videos. It combines many different websites stock photo and you can search for free assets through all of them.

Rocket ship fire

Perhaps the most unique and out-of-the-box website on this list, New Old Stock is a collection of free images from the public archives. These images span almost every period in modern history since the invention of photography. The usage rights vary across images, so be sure to double-check before using them.

Burning Red sunset

A useful resource for Photoshop artists, Stockvault has a large collection of images that can be used as backgrounds and textures for your PSD work. Signing up is free, and there is also a premium section–should you need it.

Macbook Pro on a dark brown wood desk from top

Negative Space is a great free website that offers a large and organized collection of stock images geared towards commercial usage and marketing. These will look good on any blog post and SEO enterprise.

Flowers with blue sky

Fancy Crave is the place to find extremely high-quality travel-oriented photographs. All the images are magazine quality and are organized by category and country. Their collection is small, but the quality makes it worthy of a place on this list.

Yellow and blue painting

ISO Republic is an online collection of CC0 stock images sourced from all over the internet. Some of them are not free but the collection is definitely worth looking at.

Motorbike with industrial background

Splishire is another personal photography project on the internet. The founder is anonymous but uploads regularly. The images are of high quality and have a unique character that sets them apart from regular stock image content.

Girl in a Sunflower field

ReStock is a resource for high quality, non-stocky images. All the images tell a story and there is a creative community that’s free to join.

dalmatien with tongue out

Visual Hunt is one of the most vibrant communities of user-submitted content. The licensing varies from image to image, but their collection is bold and catchy. One of the best sites on this list.

Beach ocean wave

Jay Mantri is a photographer whose work defines the Tumblr aesthetic. His photographs are moody, calm, brooding, and capture a sense of the Earth in all its glory. What’s more? They’re all free and CC0.

Autumn flowers leaves on the groud

Adrian Pelletier created Free Nature Stock as a place for his landscape, wildlife, and astrophotography. He uploads one new image each day and also shares his gear and techniques. His images are stunning and all CC0.

Flying Orange little bird

MorgueFile is an interesting stock image compilation of images from various other stock sites. They also offer a wide range of photography and Photoshop challenges to partake in.

Coffer with milk pouring in

Ever looked for a particular image but had too many websites to go through? Worry no more, because LibreStock is a stock image search engine. It gives you stock image from all the free stock website, including many listed in this article itself. On could almost say LibreStock is a one-stop shop for you tock image needs.

Sunrise withe silouhet people

Last but not nearly least, StokPic is one of the highest quality generic stock image websites. Their content works great for advertising and commercial projects, and their intuitive interface makes you forget you’re dealing with a free site.

BONUS – Pickwizard

Sunrise withe silouhet people

Pikwizard is an excellent option for high-quality free stock photography. What makes Pikwizard stand out is its high-quality images of people, which are few and far between on the best stock photography sites. There’s no attribution required!


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