Paper Cut Art by Nayan & Vaishali

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Do you remember when you were younger and you learned how to create your first flying airplane made out of paper? You were trying to make the best one and were trying new techniques every day.

Well, check this out, Nayan & Vaishali are two artists coming from India that are masters in paper cut art. They create colorful and super small birds out of paper. The most amazing about their craft is that everything is really small. They try not to exceed 10 cm and I can assure you that all their creations are loaded with details.

In 2018, they challenged themselves and decided to create one paper bird a day, that means 365 different ones. They start by drawing, coloring and cutting each feathers, beaks and claws separetely to finally assemble them all together.

I was really inspired when I saw their art and I hope you will as well. You can have a look to their Instagram if you want to see more. Enjoy ! 🙂

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