Full Name: Jordi Puig Batllo
Job Title: Freelance / Filmmaker / Photographer
Age: 30
From: Navàs – Spain
Instagram: @Jordi.Koalitic

Youtube: @Jordi Koalitic
Software: Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom
His Camera Gear: SONY A7S-II

Discover the Amazing Creativity of Jordi Koalitic

How did you first become involved in photography?

I became interested in photography through cinema. I enjoyed watching movies and TV shows, and at around 18, I began to notice and focus on the photography. After working for two summers, I decided to buy my first camera (Canon 6D), and started experimenting with photography and video. However, I didn’t take it seriously until I created my Instagram account, which was three years ago.

Where is all this creativity coming from? 

At the beginning, when I started taking pictures, I used to travel to capture landscapes.

But between work and my personal life, I couldn’t travel as much as I wanted to. It was then when I decided to look for an alternative to be able to continue taking pictures.

It didn’t matter if I had to photograph the street next to my house or even my own house. Thanks to this, the idea of using simple and everyday objects arose.

Please describe what we see in your images in your own words.

Depth, creativity, simplicity.

How were you able to take all those incredible shots? What’s your method?

I always try to create images in which the spectator can transport his or herself into.

For this reason, I like working with depth and tend to surround the camera lens with random objects. I also try to capture elements up in the air – such as water, smoke, fire, and so on – to create internal dynamism in the picture itself for a greater impact.

What’s your primary camera, how long have you used it for, and why did you choose that one in particular?

My first camera was a Canon 6D, then I switched to SONY A7SII due to the fact that it allowed me to shoot higher quality videos

It’s the one I’m currently using the most. I usually work with a 10-18mm F4 lens, in order to be able to catch as much action in a single image (texture, person, and background or landscape) as possible.

What do you love about this type of photography?

What I like the most is that it is not necessary to go overseas to take great pictures, and I don’t even have to go to a specific place.

I can just take pictures in my hometown’s park. You can create amazing images wherever you are, you just need a little bit of imagination and conviction.

Is there a particular message you want to convey?

I have realized that being creative and original is what matters the most within art and photography.

What do you think people usually say when they see your work? What’s their reaction?

Some people think it is spectacular, others may think it is unusual, and others simply don’t like it.

However, I have to say that it surprises most people due to the fact that we are decontextualizing objects.

We are basically using objects that have one particular function and we are giving them another one, in this case, an artistic function.

Which artists do you use as references and why?

Quentin Tarantino.
I love his creativity in supplying different points of view.

What would you consider to be your favourite Instagram moment?

The best moment is everyday.
I just enjoy sharing my pictures on Instagram. I particularly enjoy when people tell me what they love or don’t like about my photo. It allows me to have feedbacks and improve my work even more.

Describe a typical day in your life. What do you normally do?

I usually like to post on Instagram durings mornings, like this I have time to engage with my followers and answer their comment. It can take several hours.
During the day, I’m always thinking about my next photoshooting. Once I have a fix idea of what I want to realize, I start to organise everything. Once everything is set up (location, friends coming for help, materials…) I usually take one afternoon to shoot what I planned. 
I then spend the rest of the day sorting and editing all my pictures. It can sometimes take also a lot of time depending on the amount of pictures I shot.

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