The Floor is Lava in Real

by Feb 4, 2019Ideas, Inspiration

Do you remember this game “The Floor is Lava”?¬†

This game had only one rule and it was pretty simple: DON’T TOUCH THE GROUND! Because well…it’s lava my friend.

That was it, you just can’t put your feet or anything on the ground otherwise you lose. Generally, you played this game when you were a kid with a couple of closed friends, at home or outside in a playground. Your mum didn’t like it because you were basically jumping from furniture to anything other than the ground.

Recently, without any real explanation, it became a thing to play The Floor is Lava even if you’re 20+ years old. Who said that we shouldn’t grow up? Who knows this famous quote “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.” ? Well, today, we have the perfect example for this.

Three roommates decided to create a short movie about this game and the result is pretty astonishing. There were a whole team behind this project and their set had nothing to envy to big Hollywood movies. Plus, the story is quite funny you should definitely take 5 minutes to watch it.

Last but not least, they’ve also produced a behind the scene video where you can actually see all the tricks they’ve used in order to have such a great final result.

The Floor is Lava Short Movie:

The Floor is Lava BTS:

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