About Martin

Martin is a passionate photographer living in Geneva, Switzerland. He created LP Club back in 2016 to gather together creative people in a big community. Even though Photography isn’t his full-time job, he’s always been interested in digital art and he’s always looking to discover more about it. If you want to know more about his photography work, you can check his Instagram: @betchphoto.

He worked as a professional retoucher for brands like L’OrĂ©al Paris, Garnier, Fructis. His experience allowed him to create content for Adobe that teaches Photoshop to a broad audience on Instagram.

Furthermore, Martin has always been captivated by the digital world and he was particularly attracted by digital marketing and its possibilities to connect people & businesses through the internet.

That’s another reason why he recently created a website for LP Club (which was, in the beginning, only a community on Instagram) where he shares useful resources and tips for digital artists and Photoshop users.






betchphoto black and white portrait

My Story

Over the Years


First .PSD saved

I remember using Photoshop to create banners and profile pictures for people to use in forums and chats.


Bought his first DSLR

Leaving to Australia to learn English, I decided to buy my first camera. This was my first big trip alone and it made me realized firstly that travel would be an important part of my life and secondly that photography will always be part of it as well.


First paid job as a photographer

Even though I love photography, I decided that I would keep it as a passion and not turn it into a full-time income job.


Got interested in Digital Marketing

I was simply hooked when I discovered that it was possible to generate an income while sharing value over the internet. I was seeing myself traveling and meeting a lot of people thanks to this. I quickly realized it was more complicated than that. I decided to focus on what I always liked, photography, and digital art in general. That’s how Learn Photoshop was born.


Bought an old van

It was the middle of the Summer in Switzerland, a friend and I were in search of adventure and that’s how we bought together an old campervan. 1 month after we were traveling to the south of France. Since then, I decided that I would live in it as soon as I can.

now and future (2023 updated)

I spend most of my time working on my content creation activity (blogging, teaching, creating). Whenever I feel a decline in motivation, I try to escape my daily routine with my camera and sometimes embark on bigger adventures traveling.

Ideally, my work and vision can inspire others to follow their dream and trust that anything is possible.


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