10 Levitation Photography Tutorials

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An art form in its own right, Levitation represents the epitome of what it means to be able to perform magic. Levitation has been at the forefront of photographic interests right from the early days of photography, such as the Dalí Atomicus by Philippe Halsman (pictured below). It took Halsman and Salvador Dalí 26 takes to get the correct composition that became the final photograph.

Levitation Photography by Halsman and Salvador Dali

Image credits Time Magazine

In what can be called a magician’s tool itself, Photoshop has some pretty incredible capabilities. One of which is allowing users to create very high-quality visual trickery that allows us to create stunning levitation photographs with much less effort. I present to you 10 Levitation Photography Tutorials sourced from all around the internet that will get you started to create your own levitation masterpiece.

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Levitating girl with pink dress in the forest
What better to start off with than a tutorial by Adobe themselves? This is a useful little tutorial on video where you can watch along. Go to tutorial here.
Levitating man in front of an old building

Andrew Childress outlines his method for creating levitation photos in this in-depth tutorial. Go to tutorial here.

Levitating woman in a mystical forest

Ian Norman outlines three different levitation images and the methods he used to create them in this mystical forest tutorial. Go to tutorial here.

Levitating woman in a corn field

Harry Guinness breaks down his process of ideating and executing this levitating photograph. Go to tutorial here.

Levitating jedi from star wars

An interesting take on this common technique, Rajib Mukherjee takes us through his process of creating this Star Wars-inspired image. Go to tutorial here.

Levitating woman with rainbow umbrella

One of the simplest tutorials on this list, Matt Bennett creates this levitating photograph with just his creativity and no fancy resources. Go to tutorial here.

Levitating white cup

Joh Aldred shares his method of creating levitating images, using methods more commonly found in the film and commercial photography industry. Go to tutorial here.

Levitating man from the bed with computer

Shaw Academy shares a special little tutorial that allows you to create simple and effective levitating images with no effort right in your own home. Go to tutorial here.

Levitating woman with black dress and books

This is not a tutorial. In this illuminating article, Dani Diamond takes us behind the scenes in the creation of some seriously professional levitation shots. Go to tutorial.

Levitating young man with books around him

Finally to finish everything up, here’s a set of seven tips and tricks to enhance your levitating shots. Go to tutorial here.

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